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House cleaning

Focus on a specific room

House cleaning The person should concentrate on one room each time he starts cleaning the house, as this helps to put his energies in it and clean it quickly without feeling stressed, preferably in the most used room in the house because it is the most important, where it will feel this achievement and will stimulate To move to other rooms

Kitchen cleaning

House cleaning A person should take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen for its utmost importance at home, as the accumulation of dirt in it may affect the appetite and health, so it must be cleaned up by quickly scouring any spillage on the surfaces to prevent it from sticking and hardening, To leave the surfaces empty and clean, in addition to the importance of providing all the means of cleaning at hand such as sponge, disinfectants and various cleaning supplies to facilitate access to when needed, and the most important steps to be done daily in the kitchen are wiping the surfaces on a daily basis, P dirt accumulation with time

Clean the bathroom

The bath is one of the most common places in the house, which must be cleaned continuously because it can become a fertile ground for the accumulation of many types of viruses and bacteria because of high humidity, so care should be cleaned on a daily basis, by wiping the basin (sinks), toilet seat, Shower after each use.

Suggested home cleaning methods

Some home roads can be used to clean the house including

Salt and lemon mixture to clean the cutting board.
Use baking soda to clean the couch, can also be used to remove the stains from the carpet, vinegar can be added to it in order to clean the oven.
Mix the vinegar and soda to clean the oven.
Use lemon to remove the stains from the faucets.
Mix baking soda with water with a teaspoon of liquid soap, and drops of antibacterial oils so as to form a paste in order to clean the aquarium.
Use chalk to rub the fatty spots on clothes before washing them.

Tips for home

There are some tips that can be used to make the house beautiful and beautiful, including

Concentrate on natural detergents and oil mixtures, and avoid strong chemical odors.
Use air fresheners that diffuse the fine ultrasonic odor.
Reliance on natural scented candles.
Use natural incense as it helps to keep the smell beautiful for a good time.

Tips to keep your house clean

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There are some tips on how to keep the house clean and neat

Discharge the dishwasher in the morning to fill it when the dishes are dirty directly to prevent their accumulation on the table or in the basin

Exploitation of the morning period in washing clothes in order to exploit the time and put it later in the electric dryer

Leave the shoes at the door to prevent dirt and mud from entering the

house, and to reduce the need for frequent floor cleaning

Arrange the living room before dinner
Prepare for the next day by preparing clothes and some meals in advance to warm them up when attending their time
Get rid of junk mail and papers

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Unload the widgets and sort them as soon as they are purchased
Get rid of unnecessary things in a box to get rid of it and give it to someone who may really need it

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